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Quality, Safety and Environment

Starting from January 2007, the Hera Group's Quality, Safety and Environmental management has been integrated into the Head Office Personnel and Organisation Division.

The activity of updating and integrating quality, safety and environment management procedures continued with the issuing of new Group procedures on the major topics required by the standards, with special attention paid to defining common criteria for assessing workers’ health and safety risks.

In collaboration with the organisation function, a plan that has led to the review and redefinition of the integrated corporate document management system has taken shape.

After having developed a model of reference, it has been experimentally applied to several cases significant in terms of complexity and structure, proving the effectiveness and consistency of the model with respect to the pre-established objectives.

The contract management system and supplier surveillance procedures were reassessed in collaboration with the tender procurement management during the second half of the year, also after the recent standard updates. Numerous training sessions on the topic were also held in order to raise awareness amongst Hera management of the quality, environment and safety issues.

The year 2007 was the year in which the issue of shared procedures on the major subjects of workers’ health and safety were given a big boost on the Group level. The activity of updating and integrating quality, safety and environment management system procedures was carried on.

The Group training plan (2007-2007) continued, also in order to raise motivation and a sense of identification of the staff involved. Training on technical subjects concerning the certification activities in progress was also guaranteed.

Inspections made by the certification company to renew the ISO 9001 quality certification and for the first maintenance of the ISO 14001 environmental certification were also passed with positive results during the second half of 2007, for both Hera Spa and all the TOCs. On this occasion, Hera Modena’s ISO 9001 certification was extended to the water service and its ISO 14001 certification was extended to the environment area, thus bringing all TOC activities under the same roof of the management system.

The DNV certification company carried out preliminary documentary inspections in October and November to attain (expected in the second half of 2008) certification of the safety management system according to the OHSAS 18001 standard.

As to the Emas programme of the waste disposal plants of the environment division, the Ecoaudit committee issued registration of three new sites (Coriano waste-to-energy plant, Galliera landfill, Forlì chemical-physical plant) and the DNV certification company validated the environmental declaration of another two sites (Ravenna West Sector, Imola Tre Monti landfill).

An important specific goal was achieved by the Hera Ferrara Territorial company which extended its field of application for the Emas registration to the integrated water service, obtaining from the certification company the validation of the environmental declaration which is being examined by the Ecoaudit interministerial committee so that all company's activities be recorded in the Emas register.

Based on this result, the activities and time schedules of the Ferrara territorial company will be planned so as to evaluate the methods and timelines for developing a plan to extend Emas registration to the entire Group.


“Treatment of personal data”

"Pursuant to Rule 26 of Attatchment B) to “Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 – Privacy Code”, it is noted that for the year in question, Hera Spa, as Data Holder, carried out the update of its Security Planning Document (SPD)."