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Income Statement

Consolidated income statement (Euro / 000) Notes20072006
Revenues 42.863.2982.311.450
Change in stock of finished goods and work in progress -4.2492.699
Other operating income546.03850.295
Use of raw materials and consumables
(net of change in stock of raw materials and stocks)
Costs for services7-724.694-642.544
Personnel costs8-300.912-296.598
of wich recurrent       5.278 
Amortisation, depreciation and allocations9-232.797-195.358
Other operating costs9bis-50.399-46.457
Capitalised costs10238.212194.516
Operating profit 220.581231.320
Portion of profit (loss) pertaining to associated companies111.2351.849
Financial income1228.59947.702
Financial charges12-107.875-101.624
Pre-tax profit 142.540179.247
Taxes for the period13-32.637-79.009
of wich recurrent       32.930 
Net profit for the year 109.903100.238
Attributable to:   
Shareholders of Parent Company 96.24690.105
Minority shareholders 13.65710.133
Earnings per share 13.1  
base  0,0950,089
diluted 0,0950,089

In compliance with Consob Resolution no. 15519 dated 27 July 2006, the effects of relationships with related parties are accounted for in the appropriate income statement format outlined in paragraph 2.03 of this consolidated financial statement