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9 bis Other operating costs


The breakdown of other operating costs is as follows.

State property rents9,2884,6244,664
Taxation other than income taxes15,05016,888-1,838
Membership fees and other contributions2,4632,052411
Special landfill levy13,68514,654-969
Losses on the sale of assets458756-298
Losses on receivables65244-179
Other minor charges9,3907,2392,151

Item "state rentals" contains an increase against the prior financial year equal to Euro 4,664 thousand, mainly due to a different classification in financial year 2007 compared with 2006, of costs related to "telecommunication services". These costs, in financial year 2006, were recorded under item 7 "works and maintenance".

Item "special landfill levy" includes a decrease compared to the prior financial year equal to Euro 969 thousand, due to the reduction in the volumes of waste allocated to landfills, in favour of the energy recovery from waste incineration and an increase in the separate waste collection.

Item "other minor charges" shows an increase compared with the prior financial year of Euro 2,151 thousand, due, mainly, to the costs for poor contributions of gas and water services.

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