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5 Other operating income

Insurance reimbursements                 3,3072,0521,255
Sale of materials and stock to third parties                    75167675
Portion of capital grants                 2,8832,86518
Portion of operating grants and from separate waste collection                 8,44410,130-1,686
Leases                 4,0781,9162,162
Use and re-assessment of provisions                 4,0672,5751,492
Profits from the sale of assets                    9027,657-6,755
Costs reimbursed                 1,3811,010371
Other               20,22521,414-1,189

Item "insurance reimbursements" shows, compared with the year 2006, an increase of Euro 1,255 thousand, mainly due to:

  • as for Euro 370 thousand, to the insurance reimbursement following the fire occurred in the Ostellato plant of the subsidiary Recupera Srl;
  • as for Euro 410 thousand, to the reimbursement related to the extraordinary repairs to the sewerage network of the subsidiary Hera Bologna Srl, in the municipality of Bologna;
  • as for Euro 146 thousand, to the reimbursement of the advisory expenses incurred following the tragic event occurred in the municipality of San Benedetto del Querceto in December 2006 concerning the subsidiary Hera Bologna Srl;


Item "operating grants and grants for separated waste collection" shows a decrease, compared to 2006 equal to Euro 1,686 thousand, mainly due to the combined effect of a decrease of approximately Euro 2,000 thousand due to:
- lower revenues invoiced in 2007 to municipalities within the Modena area following expired contracts
- a change due to the finalisation in 2006 of the new 2004-2008 Anci - Conai agreement, which the entering into of the conventions between Hera Spa and the Consortiums of the Conai Chain (Cial, Can, Comieco, Corepla, Rilegno) for the separated waste collection and Energy recovery, agreement which generated greater revenues during 2006 non-repeatable in 2007

  • an increase (for approximately Euro 500 thousand) consequence of higher volumes and compensations paid by the Consortiums of the Conai Chain in 2007 with reference to the sale of the materials deriving from the separated waste collection.


The change in the "leases receivables" item, for Euro 2,162 thousand, is due mainly to a different classification in 2007, compared with 2006, of the rentals for telecommunication services (classified as revenues for other services provided). Like the others stated in these explanatory notes, this reclassification was made so the financial statements would be better explained.

The change in item "use and re-assessment of provisions equal to Euro 1,492 thousand, is mainly ascribable to the recording in the income statement of the surplus in the provisions for the post-closure of landfills of the subsidiary Sotris Srl totalling Euro 1,251 thousand.

The decrease registered in item "ordinary capital gains from transfer of assets", equal to Euro 6,755 thousand, is attributable to the fewer disposals of Group assets (mostly buildings and land) than those in 2006.

Item "others", equal to Euro 20,225 thousand, is essentially comprised of

  • 2,271, for the recovery of the majority of the leases expenses of the subsidiary Ecologia Ambiente Srl with reference to the agreement for the "new biological towers". This agreement was terminated during 2007;
  • 2,890 for brokerages of the subsidiary Recupera Srl for waste treatment at partner third party plants;
  • 2,746 energy efficiency bonds (white certificates)
  • 2,487 refunds against costs related to the 2007 water emergency;
  • 1,072 income from rainwater management service;
  • 1,952 miscellaneous revenues against third party entities;
  • 180 income from electricity service continuity;
  • 500 recovery related to utilities not subject to sewerage/purification system;
  • 517 revenues generated from enforcements of guarantees;
  • 251 income related to the financed "door-to-door" project of Aato Rimini for the separated waste collection;
  • 423 income related to the compensation fund for proceeds from bad debts of the electric segment;
  • 100 recovery of tarsu (tax on solid municipality waste) evasion-elusion regarding the year 2007.
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