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7 Costs for services

Domestic usage (water, methane, heat and energy services)3,2747,401-4,127
Work and maintenance240,306214,71125,595
Energy transport and storage125,31080,69144,619
Cleaning and security5,1685,009159
Waste transportation, disposal and collection127,157113,87913,278
Announcements, advertising and disputes8,2217,229992
Technical, organisation, legal and tax assistance consultancy28,21728,594-377
Remuneration of Directors and Statutory Auditors5,0654,947118
Meter reading3,0483,580-532
Postal and telephone costs16,45716,40156
Recruitment, training and other staff costs9,6439,211432
IT and CED services13,21619,365-6,149
Laboratory analyses3,3532,451902
Bank fees and charges5,0225,057-35
Fees paid to local authorities66,40266,183219
Rents and leases payable15,85618.072-2,216
Fees payable3,7065.164-1,458

The changes in the main operating costs with respect to the previous year are outlined in the report on operations.

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