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8 Personnel costs

Wages and salaries214,800208,0776,723
Social security contributions69,88470,043-159
Employee leaving indemnities-4,1159,501-13,616
Other costs20,3438,97711,366

Personnel costs should be assessed in their entirety, and not by individual item, having taken into account the new classifications imposed by the new regulations governing the employee leaving indemnity. Especially as regards the "employee leaving indemnity" item (also discussed in paragraph 29 of this notes) the positive impact on the income statement for the financial year derives from the value of the curtailment (with a positive balance of Euro 16,816 thousand) net of any unrecognised actuarial differences accumulated in previous years (actuarial gains/losses), in accordance with the corridor method (with a negative balance of Euro 11,538 thousand) for a final result of a non-recurrent net impact of Euro 5,278.

As regards the increase in "other costs", reference is made to the same regulations which led to the recording of higher costs for supplementary pension schemes and INPS treasury.
The average number of employees in the periods in question, analysed by category, is as follows:

White-collar workers2,6922,60686
Blue-collar workers3,1303,279-149

In aggregate, the average pro capita labour cost for the 2007 financial year was equal to Euro 48 thousand, up 2.1% compared to the figures registered as at 31 December 2006.

As at 31 December 2007, the actual number of employees is equal to 6,114 units. This figure is up by 113 units compared with the previous financial year.

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