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Net financila position

In accordance with the requirements set forth in the CONSOB Communication of 28 July 2006 and pursuant to the CERS recommendation of 10 February 2005, “recommendations for the unform implementation of the EC Regulation on financial reporting”, the Group’s net financial position is as follows:

a Cash and cash equivalents 211,0213,6
b Other current loans 10,012,8
  Current bank indebtedness -149,6 -312,4
  Current part of bank indebtedness -86,1-109,4
  Other current loans -7,6 -17,3
  Current financial assets (liabilities) from derivative instruments -0,2 -2,3
  Financial leasing payables expiring within the following year -5,6 -9,5
c Current financial indebtedness -249,1-450,9
d=a+b+c Net current financial indebtedness  -28,1-224,5
e Non current loans  6,619,2
f Non-current financial assets (liabilities) from derivative instr. 7,8 0,0
  Non-current bank indebtedness -475,9 -410,0
  Bonds issued -798,2-497,6
  Other non-current financial payables -122,4-29,4
  Financial leasing payables expiring beyond the following year -13,9 -31,0
g Non-current financial indebtedness -1.410,4-968,0
h=e+f+g Net non-current financial indebtedness -1.396,0-948,8
i=d+h Net financial indebtedness  -1.424,1-1.173,3