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Balance Sheet - assets

   Balance sheet assets (Euro / 000)Notes31 Dec 200731 Dec 2006
Non-current assets   
Tangible fixed assets 142.546.0282.120.445
Intangible fixed assets15219.305231.248
Goodwill and differences from consolidation16316.621398.927
Equity Investments17121.729123.543
Financial assets 186.80219.474
Deferred tax assets1945.08047.778
Financial instruments - derivatives209.6857.877
Current assets   
Trade receivables 221.005.6921.000.322
Long-term contracts 2318.40723.593
Financial assets 2415.21417.462
Financial instruments - derivatives208.3094.587
Other current assets25200.362107.051
Cash and cash equivalents26211.014213.629
Assets classified as available-for-sale   
TOTAL ASSETS  4.774.2404.360.526

In compliance with Consob Resolution no. 15519 dated 27 July 2006, the effects of relationships with related parties are accounted for in the appropriate balance sheet format outlined in paragraph 2.03 of this consolidated financial statement |