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Balance Sheet - Liabilities

  Balance sheet liabilities (Euro / 000)Note31 Dec 200731 Dec 2006
Share capital and reserves27  
Share capital  1.016.7521.016.752
- Reserve for own shares at par value -617-115
Reserves  376.365368.982
- Reserve for own shares value exceeding par value -1.211-237
Reserves for derivative instruments valued at fair value 4.365648
Retained earnings (losses)  00
Profit (loss) for the period 96.24690.105
Group shareholders' equity 1.491.9001.476.135
Minority interest share 46.69240.208
Total shareholders' equity 1.538.5921.516.343
Non-current liabilities   
Loans - maturing beyond the next year281.396.693937.243
Employee leaving indemnity and other benefits 29102.876113.050
Provisions for risks and charges30182.048152.551
Deferred tax liabilities31121.050134.624
Payables for financial leases - maturing beyond the next year3213.90431.004
Financial instruments - derivatives201.8367.838
Current liabilities   
Banks and other borrowings - maturing within the next year28248.481443.846
Payables for financial leases - maturing beyond the next year325.6379.485
Trade payables33889.416746.482
Income taxes payable3466.68786.362
Other current liabilities35198.512174.831
Financial instruments - derivatives208.5086.867
Liabilities directly associated to assets classified as available-for-sale   
Total liabilities 3.235.6482.844.183

In compliance with Consob Resolution no. 15519 dated 27 July 2006, the effects of relationships with related parties are accounted for in the appropriate balance sheet format outlined in paragraph 2.03 of this consolidated financial statement